Running or weights – which to chose?

Running and weight training are two of the most commonly enjoyed fitness activities. It can be tricky, especially as a newcomer to fitness, to decide which of the two activities is of more use. The answer is that they both bring benefits, and you should not exclude either entirely from your fitness regime.

Your age also plays a key part in deciding whether running is for you or not. Pounding pavements once you are over 30 years of age can cause injury, and you need to be careful. Many older fitness enthusiasts use their bikes or rowing machines rather than going running, as this helps to keep them injury free. For younger people, though, running is a great way of burning fat and building some serious endurance.

Weight training will not burn as many calories as going for a run, but it can be just as valuable a fitness tool. Older people will often gain more benefit from a weights session than from a run. Weight training is an effective way of building muscle, and muscle burns more calories when at rest than other types of tissue, such as fat.

The ideal exercise routine mixes cardio and strength activities to provide a balance. The choice should not be seen as being either running or weights, but rather how can you incorporate elements of both into your fitness routine. As with all fitness activities, the key is to balance effectiveness with risk of injury. Both running and weights offer great benefits, but you need to consider your age and your fitness aims before you make a choice between them.