Learning a new skill more easily

Learning a new skill can be quite daunting, especially if the topic is wholly unfamiliar. Even skills that are relatively easy in themselves can be a little offputting if they’re outside your comfort zone. Here are just a few tips that can make it easier to pick up a new skill.

Regular practice: you’ll pick up your chosen skill more easily if you practice regularly. Even very simple skills, such as basic crochet or knitting stitches, will improve if you do them every day.

Enjoyment: if you want to master a skill, it’s a good idea to practice it in a fun context. A medium-difficulty skill like sports betting will be easier to master if you pick sports you find engaging and compelling. Tough skills, such as learning a foreign language, can be discouraging to master — so adding an element of fun is important in staying motivated.

Ease of access: mastering a new skill will be easier if practicing it is convenient. Going back to the example of sports betting, you’ll learn the ropes more quickly if you pick a method that’s quick and easy to access. An online service like Bet-smart will be much easier to use than trudging down to the high-street bookmaker.

Talk to experts: talking to people who are experienced in your target skill can really help you develop your expertise. Not only will old hands have useful information about the topic itself, they can be a valuable source of moral support.

Most importantly, don’t give up. Whatever you’re trying to learn, perseverence is key. You’re likely to encounter significant frustration along the way but don’t be deterred. Stick to your goals and you’ll get there in the end.