How to get a Better Memory

A sound memory is important in our day to day lives. In order to achieve that, we need to keep the brain healthy. One great way to do that is to work out your brain muscles. By playing games that require strategy and critical thinking, you can exercise your brain to achieve better cognitive ability. Here are some tried and tested games to consider.

Strategy games

Research has proven that strategy games are a great way to exercise one’s mind. They involve deep concentration as one tries to find logical solutions to solve the presented problems. The gamer is forced to keep a lot of information in their mind and retrieve them at the right moments to help complete difficult tasks. This results in brain and memory stimulation at a higher degree.

Games such as chess and card games require players to try to recall best strategies to beat their opponents. By engaging the brain as you try to implement a great strategy, your mental acuity is boosted a great deal.

Numeracy Games and Exercises

Numeracy, the ability to understand and use numbers to solve problems, is a powerful cognitive skill. Numeracy-oriented games require you to hold a lot of detail, especially numbers, in your working memory, to help you accomplish different tasks. Therefore, by playing them continually, you can strengthen your working memory a great deal. This has an immense impact on your memory strength and capacity. Common games in this segment include Sudoku, Connect 10, and Rapid math.

Jigsaw Puzzles

These games offer a great way to improve your short term memory. As you try to connect the matching pieces, the connections between your brain cells become stronger. This, in turn, improves your mental speed. Jigsaw puzzles also require long hours of paying attention, which helps to lengthen your attention span. Therefore, you will be able to concentrate and learn more hence be able to remember more.

Note that these games improve memory as long as they challenge you. Once the game becomes too easy, upgrade to a tougher one to make the learning progressive.